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Email Scam

Dear Parishioners,

New Scam Circulating!

It has once again been brought to my attention that parishioners and staff have received email messages pretending to be me.

Some messages are:

  • "Request for Open Schedule" and includes my name "Rev. Joselito Ramos," in the from line of the message.
  • "Are you free to talk here now?..." and include the name, "Rev. Joselito Ramos,"    in the from line of the message.
  • "(First Name Last Name) Are you available..." and include my name "Fr. Joselito Ramos, in the from line of the message.
  • "(First Name)? Good Day..." and include my name, "Rev. Joselito Ramos" in the from line of the message.
  • "Hi, Are you unoccupied?" and include my name, "Father Jose," in the from line of the message.
  • An email entitled Blessings is a Christmas Scam.

This is a well-crafted and targeted attack on the Church across the country which has hit our Diocese of Camden again. The messages are "spoofed" fakes that should not be responded to or taken seriously by anyone. The best defense against this sort of scam is to raise awareness in the community and DO NOT respond or open any worrying attachments. It is Diocesan policy that no priest or staff within the Diocese request donations in the form of gift cards, PayPal, MoneyGram, etc.

If a parishioner is worried about any request for money or favor from the parish staff or priest, I ask that you PLEASE DELETE THE EMAIL and call the parish office. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever respond to these scam requests.

Your truly in Christ,
Fr. Jose

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